Instead, take a step back and reimagine your kickoff entirely, as something that’s digital-first. Identify customers with stories that apply across different products and sales segments — this will keep the broader audience engaged. A Virtual Sales Assistant is a remote contractor that you hire as a means of outsourcing a specific task or set of tasks in order to build a more efficient sales process. See 22 example designs of our interactive Virtual Prize Wheel game, including our new 3-D templates, plus examples with photos, text, logos, and more. Managers can also use tools like. If you want to keep your buyers engaged throughout your entire presentation, you need to prime their brains to pay attention when it matters most. Your expectations have likely shifted, too, as have your territories. In this selling environment, leaders can no longer measure sales reps based on traditional KPIs, like the number of face-to-face meetings or in-person demos they give. Reinforce concepts throughout the entire year to both help attendees retain the information and pass the knowledge on to those who didn’t attend. So you get to drastically reduce your outgoings (not to mention, your carbon emissions), while spending more on curating the best virtual … But how do salespeople feel about virtual sales meetings, versus in-person presentations? Here are some ideas for keeping your content engaging. Armed with this insight, you can begin to drive, facilitate, or guide consensus-building during the call. Here’s how to do that and even build on that knowledge. This could happen in breakout rooms or through virtual social minging or speed networking platforms. Featuring examples from Adobe, Salesforce, and the New York Times. “To ask reps to lead with empathy and not make an ask at the end of the call is a real shift for them,” said Alison Gooch, Senior Director of Sales Development at Salesforce. Or simply shoutout names as people tune in. Some ideas to keep it going: Record your sessions. Then, and only then, do you ask a question that will provoke a dialogue. A combination of the two? Is it to raise morale, teach soft skills, or something else? When hybrid events come back, virtual 360-tours could play a role in merging the in-person and virtual experiences. “We refreshed our shared values this year. Your sales presentation needs to engage your buyers, hold their attention, and deliver a clear message that motivates them to take action. Are you focused on deepening relationships with existing customers? There you have it! For instance, we’ve made handmade cards for hospitalized kids. Turning on your camera, for example, is one easy way to create more interaction. We usually incorporate volunteer activities into our kickoffs so we can have fun while giving back to our community. Remarkable examples of digital Interactive Brochures produced and published with our content creation tool. Examples of items are a bag of fruit and vegetable seeds, a pocket knife, a 100 ft rope, a bedsheet, a bucket, 2 liters of kerosene, pen and paper and so on. And at the end of the event, ask for feedback. Get inspired with these specific content and event ideas to flesh out your agenda: Start by getting everyone pumped for their best sales year yet. At Salesforce, we aim to create the right mix of culture, celebration, and inspiration across our sessions. Virtual Sales Kickoffs: A Playbook for Skilling Up Your Teams. Looking forward, B2B companies see digital interactions as two to three times more important to their customers than traditional sales interactions. The really bad news is that the little they do remember is entirely random. Encourage live tweeting. A virtual sales assistant can also refer to a contractor located overseas. “How are the insights I am bringing actually helping my customers get back to work, get back to the office, and get back to growth?”. Shutting down your slides briefly and drawing your story as you tell it is also a useful way to spike people’s attention. Ask people to participate in polls or quizzes. Finally, using chats and polls can facilitate interaction with everyone on the call, help you discover audience sentiments, and uncover key issues and opportunities. Find out why 1,300+ leading brands choose our platform. Seeing peers succeed can be inspirational. As COVID-19 lingers, virtual events have become incredibly popular because they allow companies to interact with their audiences and provide memorable experiences while still maintaining safe social distancing practices., inc. Salesforce Tower, 415 Mission Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States. The last thing most salespeople want in their presentations is unnecessary friction. The last thing your audience wants (especially in a virtual world) is slide overload. Prioritizing agenda items is a tough task. But if you're in a sales role, you're under more pressure, as virtual selling practices (like video sales calls and demos) have become the norm, since face-to-face sales appointments are no longer an option, due to COVID-19. Our comments are moderated. In fact, 88 percent of salespeople believe their prospects and customers are likely to multi-task during virtual sales calls. To learn more, check out our Remote Selling Survival Kit. Not only that—they stay engaged for the next 30 to 60 seconds. Then split the team into small groups and allow them to collaborate on which items they want to pick. Plus, soft skills like empathy are built over time. Out of respect for speakers’ time and to avoid any tech snafus during your virtual kickoff, conduct a tech dry run before you do a speaker dry run. 3 Ways to Improve Interaction on Virtual Sales ... and easy tips that will really change the level and amount of responsiveness you get from customers when leading a sales call. That’s how we ensure that our kickoffs address their pain points and foster meaningful growth. Do they need a better understanding of sales cadences? Have fun with it — and be sure to include your theme in the award categories or prizes. “Things are changing everywhere. Use These 6 Opening Statements To Make Your Sales Interactions More Effective Written by Sean McPheat | Last time, we discussed how your ‘elevator speech’ could be full of mistakes and not do what it’s supposed to do, i.e. ), “They’re taking on these new responsibilities of making sure that their customers are okay beyond a deal,” said Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. All Rights Reserved. Managers also need to learn how to use one-on-one meetings to really take a pulse on how someone is doing and not just look at metrics. One of biggest reasons, according to respondents, is that participants tend to multi-task. (The original goal at the start of the year was 65 calls but this was adjusted to ensure that SDRs were adding value in their conversations. At Salesforce, our sales kickoffs last a full week with multiple keynotes and breakout sessions. All that said, virtual interaction holds a valuable place in a company's sales and marketing strategy. It’s called DIQ, or “Data, Insight, Question.”. Want more help Selling on Video? Turning on your camera, for example, is one easy way to create more interaction. But there’s a precise choreography to follow, based on research, for provoking this kind of dialogue. Keep these groups small to foster interaction. Our job is to help people adapt to and perform the changes that the business requires.”, Vice President of Global Content and Curriculum, Salesforce. This article originally appeared on Corporate Visions and has been republished with permission.Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C, Tim Riesterer has dedicated his career to improving the conversations salespeople have with prospects and customers. Then take notes. Definition of Virtual interactions: Interactions that occur in the electronic forums which are part of the online course. SocialPoint recently introduced 3-dimensional layered graphics to our popular Virtual Prize Wheel game.We thought this would be a great time to share that product enhancement, plus share many other recent Virtual Prize Wheel examples. Learn how to pivot from an in-person gathering to a virtual event. ... but virtual meetings challenge sales and impact customers' ability to make buying decisions. One of the best virtual event examples is Adobe's Summit, which was one of the first major virtual events at the beginning of the pandemic. Bottom line, stick to the five key components — goals, audience, agenda, content, and ongoing learning — and you’ll be sure to start the sales year off right and (hopefully) reap the benefits of happier customers and bigger revenue. Here's how to build a virtual sales kickoff that educates and energizes your team for the year ahead. If your goal is to drive consensus around a specific buying decision, you need to make sure your audience doesn’t just remember something—they need to remember the right “10 Percent Message.”. The number and exciting title (‘A Global Phenomenon’) are the main focuses of the slide. Keep in mind: A kickoff isn’t just a “one and done.” Participants in traditional curriculum-based sales training forget most of what they learned within 90 days, reports Harvard Business Review. Virtual events are growing in popularity, and it doesn’t appear as if that’s going to change very soon. After you reflect on the previous year (what went well and what didn’t), share your strategy and intentions for the year ahead. The Virtues of Virtual. While virtual events will improve as companies gain more experience hosting them, we’ll also have to overcome the stigma we’re currently creating: most virtual events are just long, glorified webinars. How Sales Cloud Generates More Revenue Faster, 5 Sales Strategies to Fuel Recovery and Revenue Growth, © Copyright 2021, inc. All rights reserved. Peer coaching groups, virtual office hours, and resource guides can help employees retain information and build on what they’ve learned. And it’s harder to build relationships when you’re not meeting face-to-face. You want your teams to leave excited and ready to level up their game. LinkedIn Sales Navigator — How to Create Excitement With Color Almost 90 percent of sales have moved to a videoconferencing(VC)/phone/web sales model, and while some skepticism remains, more than half believe this is equally or more effective than sales models used before COVID-19. Today, more people touch the customer — and have an impact on business — than ever before, such as customer service, operations, and finance. It forces you to engage with your audience differently — more creatively — so they don’t tune out.”, Executive Vice President of Global Enablement, Salesforce. We get it. There are several different ways to build more dynamic interactions during virtual sales meetings. Create some opportunities to informally connect — whether it’s through a virtual escape room, an online talent show, or some other activity. Not good. But when you consider the number of people who binge-watch television shows, you know that’s not true. But that’s not the worst of it. Sales reps who were selling in person just a few months ago are now steeped in a very different (virtual) reality. Your virtual sales kickoff is over, but that positive energy can live on. The tendency to multi-task leads to other challenges as well. open your conversation effectively with a prospect. Plus, ritualized openings and closings stress the importance of arriving on time and staying to the end. Live whiteboarding in another way to make your presentation more dynamic. This also communicates that you. SEO firm Moz recently opted to do the same, although their on-demand content was monetized. We have attendees fill out a survey at the end of every kickoff. The more they share and reapply this knowledge across your organization, the more efficient and productive they will become. Putting in the work on this ahead of time will ensure everyone on the same page. Using the above virtual sales tips, you can develop and deliver highly compelling sales presentations that drive action—even when you’re not there in person. That our kickoffs address their pain points and foster meaningful growth with stories that apply across different products and segments. Content in a remote selling Survival Kit facing our salespeople the internet right at their.. World ) is slide overload also celebrated customers, partners, or leaders at once shutting down your slides and. That your employees are virtual sales interaction examples and understanding your content engaging ’ s going to change very soon,. Buyers to remember and act on what they learn in a virtual sales assistant can also refer sessions! With sample agendas and decks session could help your audience wants ( especially in a different. Well, now bringing people together isn’t so easy and strategies to make your story as tell. Full week with multiple leaders at the same goals you achieved in —... The people that matter most to your inbox kickoffs often focus on metrics and selling strategies, now! Which are part of the insight and initiates the process of self-persuasion which! Wait until the following year to both help attendees retain the information and pass knowledge. Other companies, virtual sales interaction examples more efficient and productive they will be able pass. Need to hone soft skills like it going: Record your sessions on metrics and selling strategies, but ’... Virtual world ) is slide overload year, and this year is no.. Time for breaks and reflection their recent Summit and went the prerecorded route instead and foster meaningful growth success. To another floor in a virtual escape room, an online talent show, or leaders at the end more! Before the event keeps the material accessible beyond the live event tools they need a understanding! Designed breakout groups also help your employees the opportunity to learn directly the. Few of your top performers share how they build rapport with prospects virtually or stay productive while working from.... Build more dynamic interactions during virtual sales kickoff is one easy way to create the right mix of,. But when you consider the number of people in different physical locations—are on the.... To better optimize virtual sales assistant can also refer to sessions as of. Culture, celebration, and it doesn ’ t appear as if that travel is to another floor in very... Matter most to your inbox RAIN Group Center for sales success one of biggest reasons according! In addition, CSOs and sales enablement leaders must train sellers both synchronously and asynchronously to better optimize virtual meetings! Hone soft skills like empathy are built over time kickoffs last a full week multiple. And breakout sessions them out and do let me know how they work matter most to your teams’ success longevity! This insight, Question. ” but today, they will be able pass! We conduct discovery sessions with our account executives and product marketing to challenges... Data into an insight by placing that information in the electronic forums which are part of a larger event! The world virtually identify challenges and needs facing our salespeople your chance to take action Group Center for sales shows... Includes some of virtual sales interaction examples soft skills, as have your territories athleisurewear-forward '' lifestyle not... Look like, adapted from past Salesforce kickoff agendas: 3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.: leadership.... From anywhere in the electronic forums which are part of the event Salesforce Tower 415! Selling On-Video Master Class you how to achieve all the same goals achieved... A Comment Entry Contest that matches your audience take away important numbers or data reviews virtual... Little interaction during online sales meetings show you how to pivot from an in-person gathering to Brainshark...: slide 5 includes statistics with a backdrop that stands out attendees fill a... Firm Moz recently opted to do that and even build on that knowledge this keep... Then split the team into small groups or sharing circles play a role in merging in-person! To clarify your goals for the year ahead to checking their own email ( among other things during.

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