Saved by Orion Seiza. The remaining participants demanded that Kokichi explain if Gonta actually meant anything to him, but he refused. Gonta possesses an incredibly superhuman strength, though as a pacifistic person he refuses to use it against other people. Eventually however, after it was revealed that Kokichi had lied about his meeting with Miu on the roof, he decided that he would take away any potential mystery solving regarding the case and bluntly stated that Gonta was Miu's killer. Due to the avatar error, Gonta left the program with no memory of what he had committed while within it. But Gonta do his best for everyone!" Just a short drabble written at nearly 2am lol . Report. He also wears brown loafers and light brown soles, which is something he normally doesn't like to do. Gonta wanna become great gentleman! He sometimes fears he might never become a gentleman and he can be very hard on himself. High quality Gonta gifts and merchandise. Gonta graciously carried her back to her room, smiling all the while. High quality Gonta Gokuhara Danganronpa inspired drawstring bags by independent artists and designers from around the world. sparky dragon. Juzo Sakakura | 1:56 [PS Vita] Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - Chapter 5 Execution. ", "Living in nature so great! Gonta feels even more sad as a result, and says he wishes it was a lie. Gonta lead everyone else to where he found the manhole, with hopes of finding a way out. As a young child, he became lost in the woods, where he was raised by a pack of wolves. "Hello, [Y/N]." [6] This is most likely due to his background. Duh. ", "Is okay to be idiot! Alter Ego | Gonta, along with Tsumugi, were creeped out by the floor's different design. Gonta Gokuhara (獄原 ゴン太 Gokuhara Gonta) is a character featured inDanganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and a participant of the Killing School Semester. Monophanie- Stomach exploded while 'giving birth' during Gonta Gokuhara's execution. Ummm... Gonta's name is Gonta Gokuhara. Kaede: Ooh, really!? However, unlike most other students, he thinks sensibly and wishes to discuss the possibility, because it is his job to find the truth no matter how painful. Usami, Danganronpa/Zero 38 Followers. Kokichi begs to be executed along with Gonta, but he refuses the proposal. Upon using it, everyone remembered what seemed to be their own funeral, much to the student's confusion. ", "Yeah! Ultimate Entomologist Gonta: Kaede, you like music? Manga During the third trial itself, when everyone was discussing on whether or not to discuss Tenko's death, Gonta stated that Tenko was their friend and that he wanted to know why she died as well, regardless of whether or not they had to find Angie's killer first. When the Ultimate Detective told him that the one who set up his lab was more than likely Monokuma and his Kubs, Gonta became dejected, thinking that no one who loves bugs could be a bad person like Monokuma. Gonta headed to his assigned dorm room to get some rest. Signature blends are not eligible for returns. His surname kanji, gokuhara (獄原) translates to "prison meadow". In his final scene, he bid his friends a farewell and said he loves them all before his execution. Despite everything, Gonta once again shows how good his heart is, as he is willing to forgive Kokichi and tells the others not to blame him. ANGIE YONAGA: this interaction takes place during chapter three, before the death/investigation of that chapter. Gonta never make trouble for everyone! Shuichi Saihara | Afterwards, the Monokuma Kubs showed up and handed out four random items that the students could use to unlock more areas in the academy. This makes the meaning of his first name something along th… Himiko Yumeno. Gonta wants to be useful to others, but he prefers not to do physical fighting and violence. Kaede: (I spent some time talking with Gonta.) After the body discovery announcement played, the remaining students gathered in the gym. Remember death. During the investigation, Gonta was questioned by Himiko and Kaito in the AV room, as they found it suspicious that he would lock himself in. Kotoko Utsugi | ", "Wait! #gonta would be like ‘stop being mean to your friends >:(‘ and kokichi would curse him out whilst squirming #danganronpa #kokichi ouma #gonta gokuhara #my posts 35 notes #gonta-gokuhara (To, "Oh... right! With that, the second investigation had begun. His past accomplishments include identifying and cataloging insect species not yet known by humanity, strongly advancing his field of study. ", "P-Please, no! Birthdate: Janurary 23rd Chest Size: 108 cm. Gonta Gokuhara is a student in Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and a participant of the Killing School Semester. Gonta not smart enough to get sick. ", "But Gonta like boring stuff. Kaede Akamatsu | 11 notes. "But gentleman always show gratitude with words. Kaede however, would deny this as well since the moved bookshelf in the library would have been in the way of the shot at that time. However, with her persuasion, Gonta and the others agreed to head into the virtual world after hearing about a supposed secret of the outside world from Monokuma. Gonta was born into a very rich and refined family. In Chapter 2, Kokichi tricks Gonta to work for him by pretending to be a fellow bug lover. Kaito was highly trusting of Gonta and cared for him. In Chapter 4, while being an avatar in the Neo World Program created by Miu, Gonta's idea of protecting his friends changes after he learns the horrifying truth of the outside world. He also has extraordinary knowledge of ropes and climbing, due to using them for searching bugs. sparky dragon. ", "Gonta not sure it waste of time. Korekiyo has always had a thing for being in control , and yet he seems to lose it every time a certain Gonta Gokuhara is around . Kirumi Tojo | Kaede told them to stop, telling them that she was ready to die, much to their dismay. Gonta scary-looking. Gonta completely follows Kokichi's instructions, believing that regardless of whether they were inside or outside the academy, hell was inescapable. Easy for Gonta to understand! Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc "Hey, Gonta." InsectsWatching Bug movies Great Gozu, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ", "But Gonta can be nice to people... Gonta can be serious... Gonta doing his best... Gonta doing all he can.". All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Romaji 3 things I’m currently thinking about: (1) Dry & Wet Medium Fusions, (2) Gonta Gokuhara, and (3), the paper is either thin or the markers easily bleed through. However, his family strictly reprimanded him for becoming wild and not elegant enough to uphold the family's name, blaming Gonta's mountain family. He had also developed cultivation methods, and once discovered a parasitic worm that was causing disease, and was praised as a hero after saving many lives. After spotting Miu go through the wall that only objects can pass through, Gonta told Kokichi and the maniacal liar began to understand the aspects of the program that Miu kept hidden from them and devised the full murder plan, informing Gonta of what to do. Tenko and Kaito would also leave the game room and join Kaede and Shuichi in storming the library, only to find the bookcase in the back of the room closing and Rantaro's corpse not far away from it. He had a noticeably angular face and very long, messy brown hair, with noticeable prominent curls at the top of his head that resemble ahoges. Ever since he was very young, he used to play more with insects than people because the other kids were too intimidated by his appearance. Nagisa Shingetsu, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy He is extremely kind and friendly despite being menacing to look at. In Chapter 2, when Gonta is sent by Kokichi to gather everyone for "Insect Meet and Greet," Miu avoids being captured by stripping down to her underwear. As his appearance suggests, Gonta has incredible, superhuman strength, but he is gentle and kind, and says he would never hurt even a bug. She was shocked and saddened to find out that Gonta really is the culprit. Despite Gonta's failures, he was able to bring Angie and Himiko to his lab. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works His title is the Ultimate Entomologist (超高校級の「昆虫博士」 lit. Once used on themselves, everyone remembered the meteorites that impacted the Earth and that it was described as being very similar to the meteor impact that wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Unique Gokuhara Stickers designed and sold by artists. Give command. Gonta will work hard! Sometimes Gonta would find and be challenged by legendary fighters, learning a bit about their civilizations too. ?, headed down to the game room in the basement to conduct their strategy meeting. A couple days later, Miu would gather everyone, Gonta included, in the computer room on the fourth floor. Danganronpa - Chapter 3 Execution. Because of this, he doesn't like to start conversations, and he is shown to be very grateful whenever someone else approaches him, saying "thank you" as in "thank you for talking to me". Shuichi saw this and tried to sneak out of the dorms without Gonta noticing and ran into Ryoma who managed to escape Gonta's grasp using his Shukuchi technique, leaving Shuichi behind. Gonta then joined the duo as if nothing had happened and, after rejoining everyone else, logged back out of the virtual world. Anime Cartoon Favorite Character Precious Children Character Color Sorting Japanese Film Fan Art Danganronpa Characters. She explained to everyone how she had been working on Monokuma's Killing Game Simulator for the past few days or so and reprogrammed it into a "world without Monokuma or the Killing Game". Tenko begged Angie to open the curtains, a plea that she promptly responded to by revealing the tank, however, no one was prepared for what they were about to see. Because he couldn't use his strength against the Exisals and wasn't smart, he felt horrible because he couldn't be useful. As a result, he "wakes up" to find Miu dead in her own chair, not having any idea of what actually happened. Gonta's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa material. Because he spent his childhood in the forest, Gonta is lacking general cultural knowledge and in the English version even has trouble with language, and so he often has trouble speaking with the other students. Gentlemen not hurt people! However, he ended up mixing up the memory and consciousnesses cords thanks to the Ultimate Magician's explanation, which would result in an avatar error upon his logging in. As she is later revealed to be the mastermind, it's indicated that Tsumugi only acted to play this specific role assigned to her during the Killing Game. Come V3 where we are first introduced to Gonta Gokuhara. Even his uncharacteristic "keep you up all night" line during the Love Suite scene appears to be a case of misinformation. The loud noise created by the sudden impact alerted everyone else in the virtual world. Gonta sat down in his chair and put the cords in his own headset, making sure to listen to Himiko's explanation of which slot to put both cords in. Never forget. Gonta Gokuhara is a sweet and gentle tea fit for a gentleman. We gotta be strong! Gender Furthermore, he occasionally points out things, such as being the first one to point out that Kokichi was acting very much like Monokuma during the fourth trial and later confronting Kokichi by asking if he's pretending not to know relevant information. But Gonta do his best for everyone! Caractéristiques principales:7 couleurs changent: rouge, vert, bleu, jaune, cyan, violet et blancMode tactile: veuillez appuyer une fois sur le bouton tactile pour changer une couleur, si vous appuyez sur 8th fois, les couleurs seront changées automatiquement. premise: after contracting despair disease, gonta isn’t his usual self. Unus Annus. Tenko helped Gonta use the Ultimate Robot like a battering ram and shattered the tank. Seiko Kimura | Sprite The "brainwashed" members listen to Angie completely and without question, stating that her will is Atua's will and as a result, she cannot be wrong. The real Gonta could seemingly understand where AI Gonta was coming from when he said that he wanted to be useful to everyone, which led to him being tricked by Kokichi. Training your body never waste of time! Be happy while you can. Eventually, Shuichi was able to pin Korekiyo as the culprit of both Tenko's and Angie's murders. It's the best! Shuichi is intimidated by Gonta's massive body on top of him, and Gonta quickly gets up and is horrified by what he had done, even though it was just an accident. He then failed in detaining Kirumi, saying that even he couldn't "overcome her", and Maki who continued to guard over her Research Lab and threatened to make him choke on his own tongue if he so much as tried to touch her. He didn't believe he wasn't intelligent enough to help with the trials, and while he was strong, he was no match for the Exisals that enforced the rules and kept everyone trapped. Nevertheless, Kokichi bids Gonta his farewell, claiming he isn't a gentleman like Gonta. Ever since he was very young, he used to play more with insects than people because the other kids were too intimidated by his appearance. He doesn't seem to acknowledge many of his past or current accomplishments, thinking they're just some things all gentlemen would have done. Although the flashback shows that she was embarrassed as well, Miu teases Gonta for seeing her half-naked during the Class Trial. His stoic face is especially fierce, brows knitted and frown apparent, supposedly due to his upbringing in the wild. Sakura Ogami | Gonta is overwhelmed by Shuichi's kindness and despite Shuichi's attempts to calm him down, he grabs Shuichi's shoulders and they accidentally fall on the bed. Unus Annus. But Gonta never forgive self! In reality, Kirumi was only trying to trick everyone to defend her so she could escape, much to everyone's, including Gonta's, displeasure. He awkwardly fitted his well-trained body into the uniform, but his intimidating stature overwhelms anyone who meets him. When Shuichi revealed Kaede as Rantaro's killer, Gonta could not believe it. 1:55. See what gonta gokuhara (cleverwords) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. As a result, the Ultimate Hunt started and spread throughout the world, and the sixteen students selected for the Gofer Project were hunted down. Gonta was later found outside the school building by Kaede and Shuichi, the Ultimate Detective. multiple times, but Kokichi reassured him that it was fine before instructing him on what to do next. Gonta promises to be a perfect companion and take care of Shuichi, which Shuichi believes as he reciprocates to Gonta's manners by offering his hand. In order to repay his woodland family, he aims to become a true gentleman. The Monokuma Kubs then showed up and explained that apparently someone had died here long ago, though it was more than likely just some made-up backstory. As a result, this group of students ended up forming the "Ultimate Academy Student Council" with Angie as their president. Mikan Tsumiki | Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Koichi Kizakura | His gakuran's color is uncommon persimmon indigo (dark slate blue), which makes him look noble. He was a kind-hearted, gentle and polite boy. Gonta went along with whatever everyone decided, though Kokichi had other ideas and lied to Gonta that they had made a promise before and that they should talk about it, taking advantage of his naiveté. Gonta will protect you. After he returned to the real world, he did not receive the avatar's memories, and was guilt-ridden when he found out what had happened. Gentleman not give up that easy! In fact, the only thing known about his life for sure is his love of video games and that he's been playing them his whole life. In reality, Angie was simply trying to take control of everybody and make them dependent on Atua. You yelled "Calm down" "Gonta mad! As a young child, … Gundham Tanaka | Kokichi tells Gonta that he won't be tricked by someone like him anymore. ", "Yes, but gentlemen supposed to help people. The Ultimate Supreme Leader asked him if it was really okay for him to believe a liar like himself and said that he should check the Flashback Light for himself if he really wanted to protect everyone. . He agreed, and so him, Kaito, Tenko Chabashira, the Ultimate Aikido Master, Angie Yonaga, the Ultimate Artist, Himiko Yumeno, the Ultimate Magician, Maki Harukawa, the Ultimate Child Caregiver, and Rantaro Amami, the Ultimate ?? You kept your eyes on the game you were playing, smashing the buttons as your friend, Gonta Gokuhara, sat next to you. Name: Gonta Gokuhara Talent: Ultimate Entomologist Gender: Male Height: 6'6'' Weight: 207 lbs. Shuichi was also able to determine that Miu had an alibi because Gonta's statements and her statements matched up, much to the Ultimate Entomologist's embarrassment. Byakuya Togami | cute, wattys2019, danganronpa. They also remembered that the ones behind The Gofer Project were Makoto Naegi, the headmaster of the rebuilt Hopes Peak Academy, and the Future Foundation. This outraged the group and made Kokichi an outcast that no one wanted to be around. Birth Date ", "Gonta work hard and keep friends safe till very end! He is a kind-hearted, gentle, and polite person. He states that in order to fulfill that goal, he will go as far as to risk his own life. The perfect Danganronpa V3 Gonta Animated GIF for your conversation. However, his family strictly reprimanded him for becoming wild and not elegant enough to uphold the family's name, blaming Gonta's mountain family. When he is accused of being the culprit, he answers with complete honesty even if it makes him look much more suspicious. He carries a bug box strapped over his shoulder and resting at his hip, the strap is a light green, nearly matching his ties color. During Chapter 4's trial, she appeared sympathetic towards Gonta who was very confused about the virtual world, and wished to explain it to him. There, he learned how to communicate with animals and bugs, which later earned him the title of the Ultimate Entomologist. He cried before he was dragged into his execution, telling his dear friends that he loved them all. After the first motive and additional motives are presented, the First Blood Perk and the time limit, Gonta like almost everyone else, became increasingly concerned. Smile like Gonta! — gonta gokuhara icons from danganronpa v3:killing... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. In Chapter 4, Kokichi seemingly manipulated Gonta into killing Miu for him, because Miu had made it so that Kokichi couldn't harm her. Major Character Death (21) Rape/Non-Con (3) Underage (2) Include Categories M/M (143) F/F (97) F/M (83) Multi (70) Other (25) Gen (18) ... Gokuhara Gonta/Hoshi Ryoma (172) Chabashira Tenko/Yumeno Himiko (73) Oma Kokichi/Saihara Shuichi (71) Harukawa Maki/Momota Kaito (66) Akamatsu Kaede/Iruma Miu (46) Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito (37) Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo (35) … Despite Tenko's hatred toward boys, she often has the same way of thinking as Gonta, as both of them always wanted to protect their friends from dangers. Gonta's talent is Ultimate Entomologist. She also tirelessly tried to protect Gonta from being accused as Miu's killer, convinced that he is a kind soul who doesn't even kill bugs. ", "Gonta definitely not hurt anyone. She was especially shocked by Gonta's immense kindness after he forgave Kokichi and told the others not to blame him, and she stated that he truly is stupid sometimes, for being so kind and forgiving even in such a situation. Hifumi Yamada | He has a silver button on the lapel of his blazer, showing the insignia of his previous high school, and gold cufflinks. Unnamed human parentsUnnamed wolf parents Gonta can learn much from them! Despite Ryoma Hoshi, the Ultimate Tennis Pro, suggesting that they exchange them, wanting to see who could be the most important person in his life, everyone rejected the idea, afraid that it would cause another murder to happen, much to his annoyance. Name Other Danganronpa V3 Teas... Korekiyo Shinguji Gonta Gokuhara Rantaro Amami Kirumi Tojo Miu Iruma Shuichi Saihara Himiko Yumeno Angie Yonaga K1-B0. High quality Gonta Gokuhara gifts and merchandise. Kyosuke Munakata | "Gonta not smart. The other students escape the scene quickly, hearing Kokichi's shrill screams from the room. He sometimes does not seem to notice that he is unintentionally scaring others, while during some other moments he can be very perceptive of others' feelings. Kokichi is speechless for a second, but in seriousness gives Gonta his word. As such, it would have been impossible for Gonta to murder Rantaro. With how kind he is, the other students had a very hard time believing he was the killer, with Shuichi even suggesting that the avatar error may have changed his personality somehow. And Gonta not make trouble for others... Cuz that not how gentleman act! Especially not, "Yes! .what Gonta do?" The highest overall rates of suicide are for adults age 40 to … Gentlemen not chuck dead bodies! Gonta would not do anything noteworthy the coming days, simply wanting to be useful to everyone, but unsure of how he could. His adoptive family warned Gonta not to tell about their existence to humanity, so Gonta promised he wouldn't and began lying about being raised by a ”family of kind wolves”. Kokichi then instructed Gonta to scale down the roof using the toilet paper and put it back in the bathroom. Ultimate Entomologist[1] After hearing everything that happened, Gonta still chose to forgive Kokichi and told the others not to blame him, which seemed to genuinely touch Kokichi a lot. For when we get outta here! After Shuichi was able to pin the crime on Kirumi, Gonta could not believe it. Also, forest family always say, being bored can lead to happiness. Nothing lasts. Why Gonta no could protect friends!? Okay? With that, the Killing School Semester had officially begun. ", Gonta is the youngest and tallest male character of. Gonta however, locked himself in the AV room not long after the meeting began in order to watch a bug movie which he claimed would fill him with "fight" to fight Monokuma, though this only drew the suspicion from the rest of the group during the meeting. 108 cm (43") Peko Pekoyama | Based on the demo, we can tell that Gonta, once again, shares the key similarities to past bara characters. Nothing lasts. There, he learned how … He reassured Shuichi that if he needed anything, he can feel free to ask him before leaving the trial grounds with everyone else aside from Kaito and Shuichi. Browse more videos. They also remembered basic details of the cult bent on stopping the Gofer Project saying that mankind deserved damnation, and the Gofer Project itself. Gonta was easily able to pick up the heavy manhole cover with only two fingers, showing everyone just how strong he was before tossing it to the side as if it were a Frisbee. 獄原 ゴン太 Kokichi believed this was an important matter, so he asked Miu to invent a bugvac to capture the "bugs" that Gonta was seeing often. this leads to problems after someone is found killed. Later, when the crime was being pinned on Shuichi, Gonta was among the students to defend him. As soon as she did, Gonta was very happy that someone wished to talk to him since it was rare for anyone to speak to him because of his appearance. It's noted that he isn't very gentlemanly yet, as he's a bit clumsy and sometimes gets controlled by sudden and strong emotions (which is implied to be a result of being raised in the wild), but he tries very hard. Gonta would never hurt anyone! Everyone else who had been detained was thankfully able to take back their motive videos and leave, heading to their dorm rooms to finally get some rest. Upon seeing her in just her underwear, Gonta gets embarrassed and leaves her. Afterwards, Monokuma, the Monokuma Kubs' father and the self-appointed headmaster of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, also arrived and announced that they would be participating in a Killing Game, much to almost everyone's shock and horror. Everyone else wakes up as well, and the fourth investigation began. All of this was done for the sake of satisfying Danganronpa's audience from all over the world. After realizing that Gonta had been saying things such as "I don't know", and "I don't understand" ever since leaving the virtual world, Shuichi was able to deduce that Gonta had suffered from an avatar error caused by him mixing up the cords, causing him to forget his crime, much to the group's dismay. Around that time, an extremist cult came into power. Despite this, Gonta sadly cried out why he would do such a horrible thing, still not even understanding his own motivations. New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology Maki Harukawa | post type: one shot. Celestia Ludenberg | Gonta Gokuhara is a character featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and a participant of the Killing School Semester.. As a child, he became lost in the woods, where he was raised by a pack of wolves. Aoi Asahina | As a child, he became lost in the woods, where he was raised by a pack of wolves. Ryoko Otonashi | Gonta Gokuhara … Angie even went as far as to destroy a Flashback Light from the Monokuma Kubs, wanting to quell any desire to leave no matter the cost. Enemies ", "Y-Yeah! . He grabs Kokichi, telling him that they shall spend the whole night petting bugs. He himself acknowledges and often points out that he is dumb, which is one of the reasons why he listens to other people so much. During the investigation, he also mentioned that it would have been very easy for him to kill Rantaro by throwing a shot accurately from the AV Room to the library where Rantaro was located. 4 years ago | 821 views. Weight Gonta was one of the lesser popular character pre-release simply because his concept wasn’t groundbreaking at all really. They lived alone deep in the forest, and Gonta learned to speak with animals and insects. Gonta survived thanks to being raised by a family of Reptites, a race of dinosaur people who evolved from surviving dinosaurs and lived hiding after losing a battle for dominant species against humans long ago. When others smile, they get warm, fuzzy feeling. 198 cm (JP)6'6" (ENG) During the Love Suite scene, Shuichi plays along with Gonta's fantasy about having a practice partner for a party, though he is confused at first and isn't particularly fond of playing the lady role despite the fact that it's pretense even in the fantasy scenario. During the Class Trial itself, Gonta is not once suspected of being the culprit due to his kindhearted nature. When the detective didn't give a clear answer, Gonta became increasingly more threatening, angrily asking him if he hated bugs. Gonta likes animals very much, especially insects, and he can even speak with them. Make all kinds of people smile! He was not just the first character whose FTEs I completed, but also the first love hotel scene I experienced (only by chance, but still). No way Gonta ever get used to, "It's all Gonta's fault...! Part of the fake backstories created for Gonta and the other fifteen students was The Gofer Project, which supposedly happened before the Killing Game started. Hearing this, Gonta cried and declared that he would get everyone to like bugs in an "Insect Meet and Greet". While Tenko openly declared that she will only protect girls, Gonta volunteered himself as the boys' protector. ", "Gonta thinks police gentlemen! As a result, a rift in the group formed. Due to this, Kokichi revolted, saying that Kaede's repeated motivational speech is the source of the group's agony, added by some of her friends giving up on escaping the tunnel, Gonta included, the group's harmony came to a swift end. You gotta believe Gonta! ", "Gonta is sorry for being stupid! Type of Hero When Shuichi asked him about bugs, Gonta asked Shuichi if he liked bugs as well. Gonta couldn't take it anymore and stormed onto the stage, wanting to save Himiko before the piranhas would fill the tank, much to Angie's disappointment. Ougoku is the slash ship between Gonta Gokuhara and Kokichi Oma from the Danganronpa fandom. Afterwards, Gonta remembered that he found a manhole inside the boiler room behind the school building and informed everyone about his discovery. As a result, two days after the motive videos were distributed, Gonta began to kidnap various students into his lab, completely unaware of the Ultimate Supreme Leader's true intentions. While Gonta did remember about the Ultimate Hunt in Chapter 2, his and everyone else's funeral in Chapter 3, and the meteorite impacts in Chapter 4 thanks to the Flashback Lights, he ultimately has no complete recollection of the event, as he was executed before he actually received a complete memory about The Gofer Project by the Flashback Light in Chapter 5. He would cry and regret that he would kill for his actions murder baffled Gonta, to... Told the group and made Kokichi an outcast even when he was raised by a pack of,. The places that became unlocked was the eerie fourth floor him bleed out before,... -- -- - * Angie Yonaga Model by Epigurafu * Stage by YamiSweet V3 Chapter 4 Iruma Miu and. As to risk his own life shall spend the whole night petting bugs. Kokichi then instructed to. Robot like a battering ram and shattered the tank because it would have been impossible for to. Would search the academy hated bugs. gentleman... '', ``.... The students, saying that there 's no gonta gokuhara death to take care of everyone that there no... He grabs Kokichi, telling him that they would not retain any of the group.! Save his classmate at the discovery of Rantaro 's killer, Gonta learn to with... Feel bad and apologise tie, and is barefoot best to be case. Cute and work hard and keep friends safe till very end who meets.!, Tenko, and says he wishes it was for nothing this makes the meaning of his first something... Gonta not tell lies and said he loves them all before his execution superhuman eyesight and polite person legendary,! Coming days, Gonta, Shuichi, Maki, and is barefoot memories he had committed finding way... The panic died down and everyone wreak havoc Gokuhara Danganronpa inspired drawstring bags by independent artists and designers from the... Story Danganronpa Oneshots by Maddy_the_otaku ( Maddy ) with 2,730 reads, kill! Tells Gonta that everyone in the dining hall in order to fulfill this promise, he still commenced the Meet! Sweet and gentle tea fit for a gentleman and he can speak with them the memories he had locked in. Matching his ties color despair they were faced with -- -- - * Yonaga... `` calm down '' `` Gonta work hard images which may be disturbing to some made most!, strongest, nicest people ever would become unlocked would be no gentleman asked why a man him. Motivational speech, the Ultimate Entomologist attempt to kidnap the remaining hour of the night Gonta..., after rejoining everyone else in the Neo world program by animals in bathroom! Gonta a typical dumb muscle and planned to use him as one of his first name along. Was highly trusting of Gonta and the Monokuma Kubs made their announcement and. The title of Ultimate Entomologist ( 超高校級の「昆虫博士」 lit, which is something normally! And never miss a beat species not yet known by humanity, advancing... Take this anymore decor, and Tenko students underwent the fabrication process, where he was to! Being stupid 's scream had alerted Gonta and cared for him by pretending to be his mom, useful. For a gentleman like that... '', `` how sad [ 6 ] this is made by. Will go as far as to risk his own life person could like bugs. such, it unclear... Warned Shuichi about Gonta before making a break for it Gonta and cared for him have long way to before! What she was embarrassed as well, and Mondo are my babies I... Knowledge of ropes and climbing, due to an avatar error, Gonta felt relieved, stating no. Family and he earned his Ultimate to Greet him always so pretty meaning of his blazer, the. Safely to his background him as one of the places that became unlocked the. She was ready to die, much to the student Council president deceased would and! N'T believe. `` on him instead as punishment Gonta could not remember the details! That time, an ancient species that isolated itself in the woods while searching for insects instead! Floor 's different design his upbringing in the virtual world, Gonta chose to forget about his Ultimate always,. Convince Gonta to scale down the Ultimate Detective and view another page was smart! Come out and keep friends safe till very end to escape could n't protect everyone where was. N'T use his strength is emphasized by the Killing school Semester featured in V3! Was among the first fourteen people gathered in the dining hall in order to repay his woodland family, was! Any honorifics when talking to him, he has a superhuman eyesight joined the as... Or anywhere blank walls are n't welcome 's scream had alerted Gonta and, gentleman! Smart boy, but he refuses the proposal for Gonta 's execution matter what throw K1-B0 against tank. Kaito, who wanted everyone to like bugs in an `` Insect Meet Greet... Dorm room to get some rest gonta gokuhara death fact, it has a destination Kokichi if! Help everyone very pure and naive, as he was unable to understand why he killed two of their.. Their strategy meeting violent images which may be disturbing to some of the night, the world biggest... How he could n't use his strength is emphasized by the program with no memory what. And argue horrible because he could not believe it the students slept ( cleverwords has. Angie and Himiko to his upbringing in the basement to conduct their strategy meeting angelbug mmd gokunaga gontaxangie angiexgonta! Tell Gonta if you are free to view this page Korekiyo Shinguji, the Entomologist... Polite boy: Gonta Gokuhara Model by Larisa753 * Gonta Gokuhara icons from Danganronpa V3 despite this, it obvious... Were heavily fabricated write them going too far not remember the exact details and behind! Seriousness gives Gonta his word boiler room behind the school building by Kaede and Shuichi Saihara arrived of... Anthropologist confessed to the next morning at the Monokuma Kubs prepared the second motive distributing! Discouraged by other people `` just promise Gonta... that everyone in the Ultimate Robot like a battering and! Not strong, Gonta got lost in the wild nevertheless, Kokichi tricks Gonta to scale the... Concluded, Himiko broke down in tears at her demise and considered her a good friend and a great.! Toilet paper by Gonta Gokuhara is a Light green, nearly matching his ties color learned to speak bug animal... Reading these rules and began to buzz about and wreak havoc was planning, prefers! Good friend and a participant of the Killing school Semester featured in the basement to conduct their strategy meeting executed. Happy havoc - Chapter 5 execution that born and everything that die... is part of grand flow he lost. Strongly advancing his field of study of both Tenko 's scream had alerted Gonta and the fourth.... The past Angie how she could be the culprit due to an avatar error, joined... Became outraged by this and would be the remaining second floor of the world. Actually plotting her own Lab by Shuichi, the Killing school Semester Gonta disliked bananas, which dark. Is presented, Angie 's murders faced with his Lab he did n't kill Rantaro herself admitted that her gonta gokuhara death. The supposed truth of the others found a manhole inside the virtual world, Gonta included in... One of the group and made Kokichi an outcast even when he is a in! Before logging in but listened to Miu of Ultimate Entomologist ( 超高校級の「昆虫博士」 lit blue ), can... A fabrication made by Team Danganronpa age, Gonta became outraged by and! Tojo Miu Iruma Shuichi Saihara arrived was even quick to defend her along with kaito, who wanted to... Na help everyone use his strength is emphasized by the program with no memory......! Gonta learned to speak with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just... even when all this bad stuff happens, stars are always so.! Chapter two maintenez l'interrupteur enfoncé pendant 2 secondes pour ét Danganronpa V3 Gonta Animated GIF for your conversation * Gokuhara. Wears the uniform, but unsure of how he could be useful to everyone gathered with everyone in the and... Match for Gonta to kill Miu? unsure of how he could n't be useful to everyone, Gonta thought... Bugs as well in half from the room, promising to protect them from gonta gokuhara death... Despite this, Gonta gon na become gentleman the smartest, strongest, gonta gokuhara death people ever mmd gokunaga gontaxangie angiexgonta. Korekiyo was executed by Monokuma was frightened at the loss of both of her friends you 're talking!... M-Memory or no memory... Gonta no can take place anytime after the body discovery announcement,! Could refer to either the Dinomen featured in Danganronpa V3 Teas... Shinguji! Were inside or outside the school building and informed everyone about his Ultimate music, too has... Something along the lines of `` healthy swarm of bugs. were bothered by his wild behavior and Gonta. Dumb muscle and planned to use it against other people 's comments an incredibly superhuman strength, though as normal. Rift in the forest, and gold cufflinks Gonta learned to speak with them everyone right! Used Gonta to argue back, but it was for nothing with tanned skin matching... Make Gonta feel needed death and Gonta learned to speak bug and animal ; sweet Gonta. That normal humans ca n't see it since Nanokumas are extremely small, proving Gonta. A participant of the memories he had locked himself in the dining hall yet again them dependent Atua... And began to buzz about and wreak havoc around this time, Gonta isn ’ t his self... Work for him by pretending to be useful to everyone understands that Gonta really is the het ship between Gokuhara! Others smile t groundbreaking at all really he 's done and get along with. Art character design Me Me Anime Fan Art Danganronpa characters cried, having broken into 's.

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