(The tax is also paid by men who flunk the physical or otherwise don't qualify for military service.) Switzerland has mandatory military service. An outline on the Swiss tax system -7- 2.2 The three levels of taxation authority Taxes on income and other direct taxes Consumption taxes and other indirect taxes Confederation Income tax Corporate income tax Federal casino tax Military and civil service exemption tax VAT Withholding tax Stamp duties Tobacco tax Beer tax Tax on distilled spirits 3. And it creates another unfair loophole in Florida’s Swiss-cheese tax code because military men and women who don’t own a home won’t qualify. The Swiss Tax System – Main features of the Swiss tax system – Federal taxes – Cantonal and communal taxes 2017 edition Federal Tax Administration FTA Swiss Confederation Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft Confédération suisse Confederazione Svizzera Confederaziun svizra Swiss Tax Conference Information Committee 2017 The Swiss Tax System Nonetheless, Florida service members putting their lives on the line in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere deserve the … Sales Tax Exemptions in Ohio . It gives an easy-to-under-stand overview of the taxes levied by the Confederation, cantons and communes. 2 of the Swiss VAT Act). Leave for residence abroad is granted if applicants have met their full military obligations up to departure from Switzerland (military service, compulsory shooting, payment of the tax for exemption from obligation to serve, etc). Advertisement Tel. In the statement made by DFAS on September 6, 2020, all service members and DOD civilian employees will participate in the tax deferral program. I also retired from the U.S. Army Reserve with 31 years of service. The constitution already provides a tax exemption for the homes of military veterans with a 100 percent service-connected disability. 135. US Tax Advisor Swiss Tax Advisor Committed to building long-term relationships, ... (living and working abroad or