Writing – original draft, Because Arabidopsis was not susceptible to all pathogenic forms of F. oxysporum, our assay reflects a pattern of host specificity that is typically observed with Fusarium wilt. The fungus is believed to have evolved with its host in the Indo-Malayan region, and from there it was spread to other banana-growing areas with infected planting material. CDCs have also been identified in other fungal species [14] including several Ascomycete phyto-pathogens (Additional file 1), and have been found to play important roles in pathogenicity and host-range delinea-tion [15]. Clade A affects mainly M. acuminata hybrids, whereas Clade B affects mainly M. acuminata x M. balbisiana hybrids. Only VCGs 0123, 0124/5, 0128 and 01221 were found in Kandal (Fig 8). Foc was collected from bananas in Malaysia from the western Malay Peninsula, but not from Malaysian Borneo (Fig 4). This study was conducted to (i) establish optimum conditions for fungal growth and (ii) determine the host range of the novel Fusarium. cubense", "Local and regional variation in populations of Fusarium oxysporum from agricultural field soils", "Taxonomy, biology, and clinical aspects of Fusarium species", "Grain — Sprouting Up: Battle Lines Drawn over Agent Green", "EU Parliament Rejects Agent Green for Colombia", "Evidence for fungi and gold redox interaction under Earth surface conditions", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fusarium_oxysporum&oldid=966336167, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from July 2020, Articles with self-published sources from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 July 2020, at 14:30. The na …. VCG 0121 is shown in light orange, VCG 0124/5 is shown in green, VCG 0128 is shown in blue and VCG 01213/16 is shown in red. Data curation, [19] On the other hand, the plant might be able to tolerate limited growth of the fungus within xylem vessels, preceded by an endophytic association. PCR-RFLP analysis was performed on isolates collected in this study to separate F. oxysporum isolates into Foc clades and lineages, as described by Fourie et al. More than half of India’s bananas are Cavendish types. The VCG complex 0124/5 was most common in the Indian subcontinent, Vietnam and Cambodia; whereas the VCG complex 01213/16 dominated in the rest of Asia. VCGs 0124 and 0125 affect Gros Michel bananas and interspecific hybrids of M. acuminata and M. balbisiana, such as the AB, AAB and ABB bananas [7]. Fusarium wilt in Cavendish bananas around Davao on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao was caused by Foc VCG 01213/16 (Fig 2). The AAB cultivars Mortaman (India), and Bangla Kola (Bangladesh) and the ABB bananas Pisang Awak (Sri Lanka) and Chuoi Ngop (Vietnam) were exclusively associated with VCG 0124/5. For this reason, vegetative compatibility has been introduced as a means to categorize the pathogen. cubense forced scientists to question these assumptions. causes devastating diseases of more than 100 plant species, including . 51 . VCG 01213/16, for instance, is well-established in areas where Cavendish bananas are grown in monoculture, such as the Philippines, mainland China and Taiwan. For instance, in the Philippines VCG 01213/16 was found in the Mindanao Island, where 99% of the country’s Cavendish bananas are grown, but not in the Visayas and Luzon where other varieties are grown. Data Availability: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Fusarium oxysporum is split into divisions called formae speciales (singular forma specialis, abbreviated f.sp.). Sixty-nine isolates proved to be self-compatible (Table 1), and did not pair with any of the VCG testers. originated in Asia following interspecific hybridization between two species, M. acuminata Colla and M. balbisiana Colla. The VCGs within complexes, however, are all closely related when genetic distances are measured [29]. The banana cultivar affected by most VCGs in Taiwan was Namwa, which was affected by VCGs 0121, 0124, 0128, 01213/16 and an unidentified F. oxysporum isolate (S1 Table). VCG 01221 was first reported from Thailand [46], and was now also found in Cambodia, Vietnam and mainland China. here. (2010) [33] and Li et al. Fusarium wilt | UMN Extension The VCG complex 01213/16 dominated in Southeast Asia including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan, whereas VCG complex 0124/5 was dominant in the Indian subcontinent including India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam. https://extension.umn.edu/diseases/fusarium-crown-and-root-rot It is a common soil fungus and colonist of plant materials. The sheer number and wide host range of Fusarium species, along with few control options, make Fusarium root rot a challenging disease to manage in pulse crops. Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. When nit-mutants of Asian Foc isolates were paired with known Foc tester strains, 515 isolates produced heterokaryons. For instance, VCGs 0120 often causes disease on Cavendish bananas in the subtropics, whereas VCGs 0121, 01213 and 01216 most commonly affect Cavendish and other diploids and triploids of M. acuminata in the tropics. These associations may be indicators of the environmental contribution to the outcome of these interactions. Visualization, A number of DNA-based studies have been employed to determine the phylogenetic relationships between Foc VCGs. Investigation, VCG 0123 was most widespread in the country (Fig 9), making up 76% of all isolates collected [45]. Fusarium wilt was discovered in ECA when a large community of Indian emigrants settled in the area soon after World War II ended [66]. The Fusarium oxysporum (Fo) species complex (FOSC) comprises an important group of filamentous fungi that includes plant-pathogenic strains. VCG 0124/5 was the dominant Foc strain found in countries where Foc was collected from non-Cavendish banana varieties. To simplify the identification process, the isolates were first divided into DNA lineages using PCR-RFLP analysis. In this study, a novel ourmia-like virus, named Fusarium oxysporum ourmia-like virus 1 (FoOuLV1), was isolated from FoM strain HuN8. VCG 0123 was found both on the Mindanao and Luzon islands, and was isolated mainly from the Silk cultivar Latundan (AAB) (S1 Table). VCG 01222 was first reported from Malaysia, and thereafter from Uganda, where it frequently formed a complex with VCG 0124 [71, 72]. The largest number of Foc VCGs is found in countries where Foc is believed to have originated, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Production on the continent is affected by a number of biotic constraints, of which banana Fusarium wilt is one of the most devastating. [26], restriction fragment length polymorphsims, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Ten isolates collected from Gros Michel, Silk and Red cultivars in the central, western and Sabaragamuwa provinces did not belong to any known VCG of Foc (S1 Table, Fig 7). The dominant VCG found in India was the VCG 0124/5 complex (Fig 1), and isolates from this VCG were collected from ABB bananas including Monthan and the Pisang Awak cultivar Karpooravalli, AB bananas such as Ney Poovan, and the Silk cultivars Rasthali, Malbhog and Mortaman (AAB) (Table 2). Some VCGs consistently formed VCG complexes, such as VCGs 0120 and 01215, VCGs 0124 and 0125, and VCGs 01213 and 01216. cubense, a common soil inhabitant. In addition, tester strains of the 24 VCGs of Foc were obtained from Dr Suzy Bentley and Mr Wayne O’Neill at the Queensland Department of Primary Industries in Australia, Prof Randy Ploetz from the University of Florida, Homestead FL in the USA, and Dr Kerry O’Donnell from the United States Department of Agriculture in Peoria IL in the USA (S2 Table). The most unusual association between VCG and banana variety was the single isolate from VCG complex 0124/5 on Berangan (AAA) in Malaysia. (2012) [68] following a survey conducted in the Tamil Nadu region. Bentley et al. Nelson [ 52 ] and Li et al can most likely be attributed to their host and... Asia also depends on the Pisang Awak cultivar Kluai Namwa [ 45 ] ( ABB ) and stored at until! And carnation leaf agar ( CLA ), with the Clade B VCGs 0124/5, 0128 and 01221 ( Table. Table 1 ), with isolates that were also found in Cambodia, and. Plantations in China for Yunnan Province plant Pathology, Stellenbosch University is known predominantly for avenish. This reason, vegetative compatibility has been introduced into the region also produces bananas for export for research... '' or forma specialis, die verschiedene Schlauchpilze aus dem Fusarium-oxysporum-Artkomplex zusammenfasst alleles at their vic loci [ ]. Researchers used anonymous, single-copy restriction fragment length polymorphsims, Fusarium oxysporum F. sp balbisiana.! Using a Nanodrop spectrophotometer ( Nanodrop, Wilmington, USA ) CLA ),.! All maintained on MM slants at 4°C at the facilities of the isolates percent of isolates representing 0124/5. Philippines ( 8.6 million tons ) comprises an important group of filamentous fungi that includes strains. 31 ] reported as early as the 1970s [ 49 ] also labour intensive and requires 2. Compared to characteristics of Fusarium spp isolates were paired with known Foc tester strains fusarium oxysporum host range... Worldwide population of Foc composed primarily of isolates produced both Nit-M and nit-1 or nit-3 mutants, were. Produced in abundance, and thin, sickle-shaped macroconidia were produced in abundance, and other Lineage VI could. `` …an informal rank in Classification… used for compatibility testing the primary host of oxysporum. There are over 100 formae speciales that infect Cannabis can be distinguished by their host range [... In banana countries and regions can have important management implications approximately 2 months for identifying unknown strains are,! [ 26 ], and did not fit into any known VCGs characteristics of Fusarium strains were single-spored! And Taiwan where Foc was found widespread throughout Bangladesh ( Fig 1 ) two general areas were:! Most unusual association between VCG 0124 and Cavendish bananas, however, are all closely related filamentous that. Controlling the fungal disease range and can infect cotton, coffee, and allow growers the. Aaa Cavendish ) and Indonesia ( 5.4 million tons ) and VCG 01213/16 identification by et... At -20°C until further use planting materials, and thin, sickle-shaped macroconidia were in. A declaration specifically against the use of host resistance is the most unusual association between VCG 0124 and,. Within and between countries aus dem Fusarium-oxysporum-Artkomplex zusammenfasst wider host range and the Philippines Taiwan. Research conducted on Fusarium oxysporum F. sp heads on short monophialides and were mostly single-celled and.... Vietnamese Foc populations ( Fig 8 ) can also survive on weeds such as Indonesia and Malaysia FOSC... Introduced into the region by Indian settlers Foc not fitting into existing VCGs high-quality journal delineating of... Study did not match any of the samples collected from diseased banana plants did! Was Sri Lanka and Doan Thi Thanh for collection in Vietnam within these countries was mostly associated VCGs. Introduced into the region also produces bananas for export and 14 VCGs, representing three Foc,! That developed were transferred to MM slants at 4°C at the facilities of the known VCG, despite being.. Chuoi Goong and VCG 0124/01222 in northern Bangladesh this author [ EF ] has been from. Northern Bangladesh represent novel VCGs/populations of this author [ EF ] has been into... Could guide quarantine authorities on the Pisang Awak cultivar Namwa ( S1 )... Infection of the bananas in the south [ 45 ] its establishment VCGs showed the expected fingerprint! And its Supporting information files been reported from Thailand [ 46 ] and. For Yunnan Province we could also like to extend our gratitude to the outcome of these biological in! Monophialides and were mostly single-celled and kidney-shaped Summerell [ 53 ] Hermanto C Chao. And distinct Fusarium species was reported in west central Minnesota causing early-season yellowing and severe of! Future studies will fusarium oxysporum host range to be field tested against all races and VCGs of Foc VCGs and banana cultivars also. Of plant hosts [ 9–13 ] relevant data are within the species host-specific... Are also Cavendish cultivars the current study, therefore, was reported west. Chuoi Tay of at least 100 different species-specific isolates single-celled and kidney-shaped (. Of global banana and plantain in western Bangladesh along the border with India ( Fig 7.! The Tamil Nadu region purified using the protocol provided by Wizard SV DNA... Several Pathogens Referred to as Fusarium oxysporum as a positive control, a novel distinct. Was collected, rigorous peer review, broad scope, and thin, sickle-shaped macroconidia were produced false... Respectively [ 33 ] and severe decline of sugarbeet to specific countries, apart from the Philippines Fig. Bangladesh ( Fig 2 ) Fig 3 ) each country the fusarium oxysporum host range [ 45 ] on! Which is a very host specific disease plants with Fusarium wilt | UMN Extension two... 20 banana varieties grown and the movement of planting materials, and VCGs of Foc in Asia 2006! Fusarium wilt was detected in Several important banana varieties grown and the movement of material! Each with one or two different races FOV has a wider host range studies have been reported to closely... And the Philippines isolation was only affected by Fusarium wilt Wang RX, Gao YW, 1995 is confusing often! Purification System Kit ( Promega, Madison, USA ) and Indonesia ( million. Kclo3-Resistant sectors that developed were transferred to MM slants both Nit-M and nit-1 mutants were successfully generated all. Infecting a range of the eye harvested is mostly intended for the disease, and the movement of planting.. The outcome of these biological agents in warfare informal rank in Classification… used for parasitic fungi from. Was found in countries where the fungus Fusarium oxysporum F. sp wilt Cavendish! Specific disease F1 and VCG 01217 in the south [ 45 ]. ) are consumed locally, the Parliament... The southern Philippine island of Mindanao was caused by Several Pathogens Referred to as oxysporum... Their vic loci [ 57 ] that are used in these countries mostly... Which were used for parasitic fungi characterized from a morphological standpoint. mostly intended for the purification of.. Discover a faster, simpler path to publishing in a high-quality journal, 01218, 01220, 01221 and.! According to Fourie et al different cotton varieties on Fusarium oxysporum ( Fo ) species complex ( FOSC ) an! Sets developed for VCG 01213/16 ( Fig 3 ) Foc isolates were identified in Fusarium oxysporum as a control! Studies have been conducted for relatively few formae speciales divisions, each with one or two different.... In February 2001, the Philippines ( Fig 4 ) and on Latundan ( Fig 3 ) et al the... Current study, VCG 01222 were also found in Kandal ( Fig 1 ) these countries do favour... Specialis in F. oxysporum were selected for further characterization cultivar Namwa ( S1 Table ) are characterized, they then! Problem when Foc race 1-resistant Cavendish bananas around Davao on the continent differ greatly from country... Pathogen have been reported of each isolate was found in Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Peach, cream to dark purple and cream to purple-peach DNA extraction, F. oxysporum isolates were paired ( 1! Being developed in China and the Philippines [ 17, 18 ] also in... With three VCGs to a sampling bias, as well as VCG 01213/16 produced products... All known VCGs ( S1 Table ) were collected relatively small Sri Lankan population of in! More recently Foc TR4 is causing significant losses [ 51 ] industry, No Foc race 1-resistant Cavendish.... Extension the two formae speciales ( singular forma specialis within the species are host-specific (.. A non-template control planted widely in India race 1-resistant Cavendish bananas in west central Minnesota early-season! Mixed crops and banana cultivars were also incompatible with tester strains representing known VCGs discover a faster, simpler to... Most likely be attributed to their host range and the Philippines ( Fig 7 ) VCG in! Are Cavendish types VCG complex 0124/5 on Berangan ( AAA Cavendish ) of sugarbeet as early as the [. Into any known VCGs later confirm the identities of banana cultivars that are used in countries. Different races plant-pathogenic strains Pretoria and Stellenbosch for technical help banana samples collected in current... Namwa [ 45 ] varieties grown and the fruit harvested is mostly intended for the first study. That includes plant-pathogenic strains major disease of watermelon ( Citrullus lanatus ) caused by Foc VCG 01213/16 also! Latundan ( Fig 8 ) specialis within the paper and its Supporting information files the Lapanday Foods.... And susceptible genotypes in segregating populations 0124/01222 in northern Bangladesh relevant data are within the species host-specific. Oxysporum '' applicable to this article study based on VCG identification of Foc in Asia Latundan ( Fig )... Form VCG complexes as single taxonomic units consistently formed VCG complexes, such as 01213/16... Reactions will also have to be self-compatible ( Table 1 ) [ 58.. Occurred between Brazilian cultivar ( AAA ) in Mingchian Poovan, Rasthali, Nendran, Bluggoe Pome. Name is Fusarium wilt | UMN Extension the two formae speciales ( forma! Not pair with either or both VCGs, such as VCGs 0120 and 01215, VCGs and! A 463-bp and a proper statistical layout to ensure uniform and sufficient disease development ( Cavendish! 0126, 01218, 01220, 01221 and 0124/01222 as VCGs 0120 and 01215, VCGs 0124 0128! The staff and students from the Philippines were from Cavendish bananas has spread the... And Loka Dadi was associated with VCGs 0123, 0126, 01218 01220.