3. You use needn't when you are giving someone permission not to do something. The song was released as the lead single of The Winans fifth album, Decisions. "Ain't No Need to Worry" is a mixture of contemporary gospel and contemporary R&B. Sufficient to the day is its own trouble. Worry causes us to miss out on the present joys of life and the blessings of God’s provision. this is a very good song to listen to when you feel down, because it'll be all right in the morning! Waiting for the summer, but I won't be home No need to worry? Worry is destructive to us in many ways. 1". From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English nothing to worry about nothing to worry about spoken WORRIED used to tell someone that something is not as serious or difficult as they think It’s just a check-up – nothing to worry about. What does not to worry expression mean? Worry is destructive to us in many ways. Answer #1 | 21/09 2016 13:54 It's not a big deal, it's nothing to worry about. If you are in need of something, you need it or ought to have it. 1b: clear and simple in style. There's no need to call a doctor..., `I'm going to come with you. "See ya later mate" - "No worries" 2. You could also say something like "Don't think twice about it". ries v. intr. Although we most commonly say, "You do not need to (wash the dishes/go to the store/do your homework/walk the dog), in this particular instance you can also say, "You need not worry" when the wording is in that order. Well it's hard to be lonely, feeling everyone is down on you. See a translation 0 likes 0 disagrees [News] Hey you! b. Proverbs 12:24, 27; 19:15; 2 Thessalonians 3:10); however, God will meet each of us at the end of our ability and the beginning of our need, and He will provide. No Need To Worry This song is by Cactus and appears on the album Cactus (1970). → worry Examples from the Corpus nothing to worry about • It's just a simple check-up. Run 'way from your grave Father set our house to flame Please his new family Brother won't you steal away? After all, tomorrow will worry about itself. The education authorities have to provide for children in need..., Remember that when both of you were in need, I was the one who loaned you money. A: "It looks like the file was deleted when the computer crashed." humorous. The proper form is: "You need not worry". Suggestions. I was all right but in need of rest..., He was badly in need of a shave..., The house was in need of modernisation when they bought it. The literal transposition of “you need not worry” would be “you do not need to worry.” However, there are numerous other ways people might say it: “You don’t need to worry about that.” “Oh, that’s nothing to worry about.” “Oh, that’s nothing to get worked up over.” Or the imperative: “Don’t worry.” Definition of DON’T WORRY (phrase): when making someone less nervous or upset; you do not need to do it – Jim MacKenzie Nov 15 '17 at 14:52 The one learning a … If someone didn't need to do something, they needn't have done it., verb. View No Need To Worry usage in sample sentences. said about or to someone who clearly has no need to worry: She should worry! B: "No worries, there should be a backup copy. Ain't no need to worry, what the night is gonna bring, it'll be all over in the morning. People in need do not have enough of essential things such as money, food, or good health. "Dave just cut his thumb off using the oxy" - "No worries - is he still coming up the pub later?" Sorry, no definitions found. "There's no need to rush off." Don't worry, she'll … The proper form is: "You need not worry". In view of the paucity of evidence regarding effective ways of reassuring worried patients, this study explored reassuring strategies that are considered useful by general practitioners (GPs). 2. a. take it easy # easy, attitude. I hardly need to say that I have never lost contact with him. See a translation Report copyright infringement; ... @amal0215 Also correct and again the meaning is the same @amal0215 Also correct and again the meaning is the same. I also tend to use "no worries", which is a bit more casual but I think it would be fine in this context, too. no need to worry Definition of not to worry in the Idioms Dictionary. there’s no need to get personal; there’s no need to put on an act, just be yourself; there’s no need to worry; there’s no pleasing him; there’s no point in staying; there’s no room for anything else; All ENGLISH words that begin with 'T' Well it's hard to be lonely, feeling everyone is down on you. '