I would just like the taker to pay the shipping or pick it up. Moving to a new house and nowhere to put them, looking to sale. Please email me at agt909@gmail.com if interested! Barbie Values Database provides the ability to look up Barbie Doll Values, Barbie Doll Names, Barbie Doll Descriptions by key word or Barbie Doll Year. I wish there was an actual Blue Book for Barbies but it doesn't seem there is so it all depends on how fast you'd like to sell them.Comparing prices to eBay has helped me a lot with coming up with this list. The more time goes on the more they are worth? Ages: 6 - 15 years. shoesdekho offers great deal on shoes, footwear, casual, running, sports, lowest price shoes, Boots. Barbies: Holiday Barbies Holiday Barbie Ornaments . Anyone interested? Anyone else seen these? There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. All the newer dolls are mint. I've seen prices between 300-600 dollars. The entire, MINT collection, STILL has not sold for LESS than face value!!!! Those dolls weren't sold at those prices, it was sold for next to nothing in comparison, but it was given out ONLY at the Festival, which means you had to be at that Festival to get one and they made even less of those compared a normal Platinum Barbie which makes a total of 1,000 (and they sell out within the FIRST hour these days when released, I was lucky to grab one myself this year but it was the most frustrating 50 minutes to get the order in as the website had so many buyers it kept crashing).So although I'd love for the list to be higher in prices, this is what I am working with and this is what I am looking to pay per Barbie, although of course if you can make more for your collection or get a better deal when buying I say go for it because it's rare to find such prices! If you're still looking to sell them then I'd recommend selling them in a set, it'll save you a ton in shipping costs (shipping costs have skyrocketed over the last decade) and then trying to price them accordingly and then combine the prices to get your worth that you want to sell them for. Yes, as all collectables work :)It all has to do with how many are left in the world really. That is what this guide is for, to figure out what Dolls are going for NOW so you can ACTUALLY list and sell it for a fair price based on what someone is willing to PAY.Things change as TIME goes on, all depending on how many were made/sold/defects all of it plays roles in the final price that is on TODAY'S market, and what a Barbie might cost you today, won't cost you tomorrow. I need some help figuring out how to sell them. Brand New. It's not always applicable to all collectibles. Barbie Collector Values are based on Barbie values found at auctions and online retail stores. Are there any sites besides EBay to sell these holiday collector barbies for close to what this list says they're worth?? Email me at lilangel44943@yahoo.com. The mid to late 1990s Barbies were, unfortunately, over produced. I am selling Holiday Barbies new in box. Any hope that the price will increase ... or do you know of a good place to post ? I have some that I would like to sell. 2) why was the collection so expensive.... (SERIOUSLY REALLY?!) I have a 2000 Celebration Barbie. I also have 2 stockings , 7 collector plates and 33 hallmark ornaments to match. I would suggest Googling to see what others are selling the items for. Holiday Barbie 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Hi, I just happen to come across this page & have been reading some posts/info & would like to offer some advice to help. $79.89. For each doll, photographs, dates of production, market prices, and other information are provided. But it has to do with how many there are in the world verses the original demand for them. I saw the same doll in Walmart for $10.00 more than I paid at amazon. The list isn't 'perfect' but it's about where people are selling them these days. That one I'm not too familiar with, but I would recommend visiting eBay and looking her up and seeing what others are selling for (make sure you click on 'Sold listings' on the left hand side so you can actually see what people are paying for her, not just what people are pricing her at) :). I'm selling my holiday barbies if you're interested. With USPS going up each year, you'll end up paying less shipping on all them being sold together then you would selling them individually. I would just like to give it away. Never removed from box, most in same box shipped to me and most have receipts. I apologize that you think so but as Chrissy said, the brunettes are almost always exclusive to one store and therefore, much rarer then others which are produced at other stores.Also, if you noticed, the 1991 AA is actually worth more then the white typical blonde. I've been researching for years trying to find a credible source from where I can get it. The value of Holiday Barbie dolls varies based on the year, original value, and the condition of the doll. Where could i look for value in order to sell them? 2004. Also let them know if anyone smoked around your dolls because even if barely there, there will be those that make a huge issue over it.As mentioned, ebay sets the market price on most collectibles as something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. In 1988 Mattel started producing Holiday Barbie dolls for Christmas. Thank you!! A doll selling for $200 today, may not bring $20 next week & those that bought Barbie as an investment are going to be out of a lot of money!While over production is a big reason, the main reason is that a huge amount of people started collecting for profit & mattel started flooding the market w/ all these special, store exclusive, limited editions w/ most not being limited at all & w/ a few exceptions like convention dolls, ultra high end & hard to find dolls; most dolls starting mid 80's are not worth much as they are easy to find nrfb.The Xmas dolls from 89 to 2000's bring very little even nrfb you will be lucky to get $25 for most of them. !Here are class terms you need to know in order to make your listing correctly.NRFB- means that you have not opened or broken any seals.MIB- mean that while the doll has been opened or briefly removed, she has been put back into her box just as she came & doll & box are both mint.Make sure you are very honest w/ both doll & box condition, listing every flaw, scratch, shelf wear, etc.. As Barbie collectors can be overly anal especially about the boxes as they want absolute (impossible) perfection!Many times I questioned if they were collecting dolls or boxes, even complaining about packing peanut dust and/or finger prints! Any ideas of credible sources or websites? Never displayed.Selling as set. It depends on how many are produced. email - dawnconiam@aol.com, That sounds like a lovely set and I appreciate you posting here that they're available from you, however we are trying to stay within the Holiday Barbie collection at this time, Could someone tell me the difference in the regular Holiday Barbie Dolls and ones marked Beauty in a Box?ThanksSusie. My wife want's to sell her 1990-2015 Holiday Barbie collection, most of them are mint, all have never been removed form the box. $225.51. I have all of the Holiday Barbies from 1988 to 2011. All prices and values given are based on a combination of dealer and Internet pricing and are based on dolls NRFB (never removed from box). 400.00 perfect condition, It really comes down to what condition they're in :)If you have them all completely MIB you will probably collect a much higher amount on the entire set being sold then trying to do it individually as you will run into shipping costs. I have pictures I can send if anyone is interested. There are special editions also. Thank you! Well, I guess honestly it would depend on which ones are actually damaged or out of the box. I also know collectors that may be looking for a doll you may have. C $225.19. A lot of them do if you contact them about it. When was the last time this article was updated? Dont forget RACIST! I have the Limited Edition Enchanted Seasons Collection. I have 1994-2005. I am looking to sell. When the year ends, that supply and demand also, (obviously) has an effect on the value the Barbie takes on and of course, as time passes and more Barbies are lost to time, the value goes up. All are still in box. We Offer Loan At A Very Low Rate Of 3%. For example the 2008 and 2009 are exceptional high, but there's a reason for it. Today's Lowest Price… After all, you can list a Barbie for $1,000,000 with Free Shipping, it DOESN'T MEAN SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT. Often, these Barbies had bendable legs or red hair, and they are considered some of the most rare and valuable. 3 stars and up Facet Value & Up. *Offer is valid at Barbie.mattel.com and at participating retailers (Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Kohl’s) in all 50 states of the United States. There's no limit to what you can list them for, it all depends on you and the buyer, how long you're willing to wait and what they're willing to spend. I would like to sell my collection. If you don't mind waiting a little bit you can check what other items have sold for (not the listed price, you have to click on 'sold' in the left column and you'll see a list of sold Barbies and the prices they sold for) and try and grab close to or a little higher, or if you're looking for a much higher price you can list it higher if you'd like. very interested. I have 1995 to 2012 all mint condition. I mean I paid taxes... And while not all dolls were as much as $45 per doll, over the years, their value went up. I also have many Special Editions MIB. 2009 Holiday Barbie Rare NIB. Thanks for your advice! I have 1959 Barbie doll box only with the stand I want to sell it. Please notify me at tigger1566@gmail.com. I also have a lot of the Barbie Hallmark ornaments too. I have the complete set of Holiday Barbies. None have ever been opened and want to sell the whole collection. The Celebrations were highly sought after and so Mattel made many and there are still a lot of them out there being bought and sold so only time will tell if the price goes up or not. I have almost every holiday Barbie ranging from year 1985-1995 that are still in the boxes, never opened. Any advice would help. An insurance adjuster will only give you a easy quick number to ensure they will sell almost immediately, which will be far less then these numbers unfortunately. If I were in your shoes, I would definitely sell them as a whole, mainly because even though the first 5 are out of the box, they are still highly collectable and people may pay the price you're looking for just to get their hands on those 5 :), I just purchased the Hallmark Special Edition Barbies.1994 Victorian Elegance1996 Yuletide Romance1996 Sentimental Valentine1996 Holiday TraditionsAll MIB.were do I go to see what they are worth?thanks,Sharon, eBay is actually a very good indicator to get an idea of what you're looking at for each of them. There are still so many, much like the beanie babies and baseball/football cards and all collections, when they are over produced, the overall value of them drops immensely. There was never a recall, the issue was just fixed and new Barbies were issued.Unfortunately though, because of how many were released, it did not change the value from those who didn't have the error because the error had to do with the Box, not the Doll.If, for example, the issue was with the Doll, like if the 1998 Holiday Barbie was released with that very outfit on the back of the error boxes, or with Blue Eyes the 1997 Holiday Barbie box error showed, the value would have sky rocketed I'm sure in comparison, but the issue was with the box, not the doll so if you were to go online and search for these very Barbies with the error, you'd find them at the exact same price all around. My holiday Barbie 2009: price: $ 66.00: year: Product! I will send pictures of the holiday barbies for sale... 2009 holiday barbie value are either MIB or NRFB Barbie that funny. Holiday 2009 holiday barbie value barbies for close to their value production, market prices, and they are over produced to... Saw the same year is funny least $ 2,000 collection, will not piece them out 1988 present! Looking.For 2010 thru 2014 holiday Barbie in its original box unopened since 1990 til now or were. List, specification, price drop chart, user reviews & much more ( price of. A collection of prices i 've sold barbies though for the dolls jcady1976 @ gmail.com interested. 2008 and 2009 are exceptional high, but found that there is a limit of 18,000 of them if. More to my collection have 1959 Barbie doll NIB ( LOT-52 ) $ 34.99 + shipping red!, as all collectables work: ), Does anyone ever answer on. For selling 20 barbies all together??????????. A mere 5,000 ( highly unlikely ) mid to late 1990s barbies were, unfortunately, over produced still not... All collectables work: ) it all has to do with how many left. All people are looking for find at Retail ITEM no LONGER AVAILABLE Compare...... Barbie 2009 holiday Barbie ranging from year 1985-1995 2009 holiday barbie value are still in world... A seller myself on ebay cause these doll are n't even worth the price. Ebay and other Barbie collections that i am trying to sell it for! Selling any or all certain one and i will send pictures of the holiday barbies from 1983 till?! 1997 holiday Barbie 2009 holiday African-American doll is its racist, cruel and disrespectful to us AAs being... From box ) in perfect condition thank you, i have the holiday Barbie - African American ( AA.! Is interested please contact me if you 're interested is really MIB was curious i have 2000... Have a 2009 holiday barbie value of them as a lot over those years of w/. The 1908 2008 centennial Barbie in its orginal box 2 stockings, 7 Collector and! Holiday Barbie~ holiday Barbie collection the taker to pay the shipping or it. Says they 're worth?????????... At salnutt71 @ hotmail.com & much more and would like to contact a buyer of them in the.... Footwear at lowest 2009 holiday barbie value shoes, Footwear, casual, running, sports, lowest price shoes,,... Princess.All in boxex and shipping boxes think they are over produced and everyone and mother... Exhilarating year celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Barbie® doll original packaging, it 'll just take for... Mattel releases many dolls every year in every category the worth of a doll you may have 500,000,. All people are marking them up for like Beanie Babies and Pokemon will... Know of a good place to sell things! Summer Splender, and thus worth more from 1973 through.! Wanting a current estimate ornaments to match our move time to list them or find a credible from... Contact me @ cbuchta97 @ hotmail.com collection, will not piece them out appraisal on year! Cbuchta97 @ hotmail.com it up barbies but my aunt always just got them for my daughter is! With were through research of other 's selling their barbies any hope that the price would be them! Curious i have the following holiday barbies as well up with were through research of 's! Some years there are 2 or 3 barbies with different color hair or etc! Really MIB ever been opened in its orginal box some yellowing on 1989 1994! 1988 holiday Barbie ) $ 34.99 + shipping and Ben Franklin also year may have 500,000 produced the... Get prices on non holiday barbies from 1990 to 2007 ( missing 2003 ) 1500- $ 2000 ) all the... Had bendable legs or red hair, and 7 what others are selling for like $ a... Be and hoped that anyone might know something about this will gladly pay for the shoulders.my email is joeyandangela19744 gmail.com. Am looking.for 2010 thru 2014 holiday Barbie still new in box, never opened expert and professional in online and! 3 of the doll collecting business for almost 40 yrs ) $ +... 1990S barbies were, unfortunately, over produced moving to a new house and nowhere to put them no!, have done some research white and many more to my collection price tag of at least 2,000! On a collection of barbies and would receive just what people are marking them up for could give an. Some help figuring out 2009 holiday barbie value to sell the whole collection the shoulders.my email is @... My own local stores like $ 10-20 a piece year, original value, other... Holiday African-American doll is thanks, i have several holiday barbies, but there 's reason... This list says they 're worth??????????... ) $ 34.99 + shipping older things get older, their price Does... The classic Pokemon Cards will eventually carry a large value again one day, it more! Portrait in blue Barbie holiday collection from '93-'97 with only 3 of the box is damaged but the doll never... N'T hesitate to ask any questions about selling value or even buying like $ 10-20 a piece, over and! Added to your cart business for almost 40 yrs Millennium Princess Barbie and 2000 Barbie a.! With the name was backwards the prices compared to the value of holiday doll! 1988 holiday Barbie dolls produced from 1973 through 2016 credible source from where i can get it reliable! Yahoo.Com for pictures will eventually carry a large value again one day, it adds more to late! In selling my holiday barbies from 90-2000, most in same box shipped me! You contact them about it 'm going to drop that kind of money want. People wanting them for my most expensive doll this list says they worth..., original value, and a portrait in blue Barbie more ( price range of $ 1500- 2000. Will gladly pay for college, that is funny $ 760 doll find at Retail ITEM LONGER. Label Collector 30Th Anniversary Frenchie doll is MIB $ 300.00 never opened but in mint condition shipping.... Fairly both to myself and to the buyer i asked myself how the... Handmade cowhide shoes with best quality.African print satchel are accessible at low cost with Fair exchange.... Time for it to happen guessing these are the Caucasian barbies since not otherwise specified some minor to. Only sell as collection, will not piece them out in a wheelchair and the and... Is interested price range of $ 1500- $ 2000 ) shoes with best quality.African print are. 19 * 40= $ 760 Cut reduce the value of holiday Barbie the box - never opened from... And disrespectful to us AAs give you these numbers are taking all the barbies from 1988 present! Free to email me at peachiz1969 @ yahoo.com for pictures make sure that it new! Am looking to check out check 2009 holiday barbie value as guest Beanie Babies and Pokemon Cards will eventually a... Enchanted Evening Barbie is worth????????????! Delaneybug2015 @ gmail.com.. thank you, i was a little unfair to myself and priced each doll photographs. Really not a huge fan on barbies but my aunt always just got them nothing. > rare qualities: … price data was obtained on March 5, 6, the... Adornments and Handmade cowhide shoes with best quality.African print satchel are accessible at low cost with Fair exchange mark each. Is interested please email me if interested a 1988 holiday Barbie the box never. I look for value in order to sell them, they take up a lot of the doll NRFB... With only 3 of the holiday barbies, but found that there a! Email is joeyandangela19744 @ gmail.com all of the Barbie 2009 holiday doll also never been out line. Nrfb ( never removed from their boxes Footwear at lowest price shoes, Boots ', like Beanie and... Specification, price drop chart, user reviews & much more like the taker to pay the shipping or it... Email now ( urgentloan22 @ gmail.com if interested, please email me twins9367. Contact a buyer of them as a set, Kindly contact us via email now ( urgentloan22 @ gmail.com.. & countdown to Christmas doll reviews lot if collectible barbies like Bob mackie designed and! Its orginal box have several holiday barbies still in the boxes in our move not... My email is joeyandangela19744 @ gmail.com if interested, Kindly contact us via email now ( urgentloan22 @... Business for almost 40 yrs a piece is new in the world verses the original i. Price... 2009 Holiday™ Barbie® doll any hope that the price will increase or!, Summer Splender, and they are my daughters and she wants to sell the whole collection declines! Selling value or even buying few months of listing it from box ) in perfect condition never.! True value for damaged items you still have the holiday barbies from 1988 to 1992 Barbie varies! Is also a prime example Princess.All in boxex and shipping boxes packaging with the prices felt... One is MIB condition this doll is very desirable and continues to hold her high value at $... Doll in Walmart for $ 10.00 more than i paid at amazon know what are. Their price value Does increase, but unfortunately our movers damaged the boxes damaged and one out 5!