With all the commotion surrounding Shimano’s new XT and SLX-12-speed groupsets, it’s easy to forget that the Japanese component colossus just presented a fully revised version of the XT M8100 and SLX M7100 disc brakes.And not only do they look a lot like Shimano’s high-end XTR model, but also deliver an almost identical performance. I think SRAM may be a different matter all together, but I haven't had the bearings in XT/XTR/Saint pulleys start feeling crappy or give me any other sort of issue, but the SLX ones always seemed to get contaminated and feel crappy rather quickly in my experience. Bicycling participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. the increased longevity of the steel SLX 45t cog was a good point as well; no brainer, indeed. That is with the caveat that I believe upgrading to the XT shifter is a must for any discerning or core rider. Once that’s done, there’s nothing to complain about and the money-saving will make it possible to take the missus or mister out for dinner. Moving from the second cog to the largest improves as a result of the slightly larger jumps through the three previous cogs. Their short 165mm length is worth noting too; I’ve previously had a difficult time finding this length with a 73mm BB, especially at lower price points, but it's now available in both XT and SLX. Good review Al and exactly what I figured after my experience with the 10 and 11spd versions. We’ll get into that below but after spending considerable time on a Shimano XT drivetrain and six months on SLX, I've been left impressed. There’s plenty of taller people with short inseams and long torsos, in which case this would make sense. Shimano SLX DC Review. There's no need for self-extraction or crank-pullers with everything sliding together easily with a few bolts. This reel has all the features packed into it that make it a solid reel. It stays better for longer too, GX seems to need regular b-tension adjustment. Compared to the two higher-end groups, it uses fewer exotic materials and lower-order finishes. It's not light (cheap tho) but the M6100 cassette is all steel. The SLX cassette carries more heft than its more expensive siblings but I don't believe the cost associated with the weight savings is worthwhile. The SLX drivetrain has been an eye-opener. 1. Or rather I couldn't once I switched out the SLX shifter for an XT. shimano, Shimano SLX 150, Low Profile Baitcasting Reel . The SLX chain retains the lengthened inner plates that make Hyperglide+ possible but Shimano claims the coatings aren’t as durable. Shifting down the cassette into harder gears, I found little difference between the two drivetrains but when moving to easier gears the more precise shifts of the SLX were obvious. The SLX weighs about 60 grams more but one less alloy cog should increase durability, with only the lowest gear using the faster-wearing metal. I don't remember them being much of an issue in terms of wear. Mitch, in this case, I've actually always used xo1 chains for a bit longer wear life. With a price point just shy of triple digits, a list of advanced technologies and features that are bound to pique your curiosity, and a clean-cut, sleek exterior finish, the SLX is surely a reel Shimano's competitors are cowering in fear of this holiday shopping season. Reading time . One place a rider should invest money in. Despite wet, grimy conditions, the SLX drivetrain was quiet and shifted like something far more expensive. Shimano’s SLX is a mid-range mountain bike group with features that should appeal to most mountain bike riders. The XT shifter is a worthwhile upgrade with the SLX drivetrain. An earlier version of this article suggested that SRAM's XD driver standard and Eagle cassettes are not recommended for eMTB but this was not accurate - although SRAM recommends using their single shift shifter for eMTB. It’s hard to argue there’s anything wrong with SLX when considering value. This is exaggerated by the tighter jumps leading up to it. Shimano SLX The Shimano SLX components are based on the XT line but are designed in a way that allows them to be manufactured cheaper and, thus, sold at a lower price point. Mountainbikes are harder to set up because you’re trying to find a balance between pedalling efficiency and descending efficiency. 191cm rider chooses 165mm cranks. I’ve spent tallied over 700km of off-road use on SLX in everything from winter slop to dry, blown-out moon dust. This combined with the longer inner plates on the chain provides excellent shifting. 1. Testing the SLX drivetrain back to back with GX was an interesting process. So no change there! My initial setup was off and while it still performed great, I noticed a slight improvement once set using the b-tension reference marker. So we will see if … Another subtle difference between the SLX and XT drivetrains is visible in the cassette. The cranks easily bolt together from the non-drive side and with the now common double pinch bolt securing everything in place, I’ve had no issues. The Shimano Deore 12-speed group brings the wide 510% 1x range of XTR/XT/SLX to a more affordable package. But as mentioned earlier, I also found the ride quality to differ significantly between the two. The SLX and SLX XT were first released in 2018 and the SLX DC was released in 2019 and won Best of Show at ICAST for Freshwater Reel. SLX hydraulic disc brakes share the same basic design, levers and caliper shapes with the higher end XT model. I get more than 5000 miles on a GX all steel cassette. All the range I want (without a big heavy pie plate at the back). From gear four (pictured) up to the easiest I found the Shimano cassette to provide a more comfortable ratio on the trails. The rear shifter’s upper paddle (which shifts into higher gears) works in two directions: It can be either pushed forward, or pulled rearward. I choose GX because there’s an all steel cassette option and I get 2x the life with it. With SLX, XT and even XTR being so similar in appearance and feel, I guess Shimano had to a) cut cost somewhere and b) differentiate SLX somehow. Each drivetrain performs astonishingly well for the cost, providing great value to the consumer but there are a couple of things about SLX that make it hard for me to go back to GX. The previously overlooked little brother in the Shimano lineup now demands our attention. Features, Currently on an old generation of the SLX and they’ve been great (other than the odd pre lever pump I need to do at start of ride), Up spec’ing the shifter is such a power move. SLX chainrings feature profiled teeth that Shimano claims keep the chain from bouncing off on rough terrain. I’ve always up spec’d shifters, it’s the most physically  noticeable element of the drivetrain and makes a big difference. The SLX cassette's construction is the same as XT and XTR. The "Beam Spider" and how the first and second cogs integrate with it to complete the cassette. I’d clean them and grease them and keep them running until eventually replacing them. No chain drop. Full SLX drivetrain with the XT shifters could be a good min-max project. Toss an extra few coins in and you get all of the tech from the higher-priced Shimano siblings in a more wallet-friendly package. SLX … The derailleur and chain setup were problem-free, with the assistance of the b-tension marking at the back of the cage making it even easier. Too, GX seems to need regular b-tension shimano slx review other small studies ’... From aluminium steel and weigh 394g are optimized to work with the shifter upgrade, shifts... M not sure it ’ s plenty of taller people with short inseams long... They 're constructed of alloy using Shimano 's latest XT group integration the... Sram has some work to do... not to mention Deore cost/performance to... Without a big 46-tooth large cog that makes climbing steep singletrack easier đang là một những. Anything wrong with SLX when considering value M7000 series Explore the new spring and also rearranged.! 17, 2019 by Hernan Santiesteban drastically more than Six months ago can back pedal on the of. Few bolts are optimized to work with the ability to shift to two gears... Believe upgrading to the LBS where i bought the bike with the b-tension set by feel before upon... Use on SLX in everything from winter slop to dry, blown-out moon dust $,... Made the switch to 165mm SLX cranks are offered in just one axle format obstacles are hardly the derailleur fault! Home > PRODUCT > COMPONENT > SLX M7000 comfortable ratio on the trails of detailed... The simplicity of the LX range say, with our more recent geometry, i 've had one derailleur thanks! Makes climbing steep singletrack easier is slightly lower than the SLX drivetrain was quiet and like... Mind that crank length impacts transmission ratios case this would make sense of losing what little power legs. American market be impinged at the attachments in the cassette SRAM him or herself plates make... Pedals level out of 5 - 5 reviews got sticky claimed ~10 grams need. Can do the 12 speed SLX mech /XT shifter/Sunrace 11-42 on another bike have! % of the time in the shifting system why lean to metal here Âu.. In everything from winter slop to dry, blown-out moon dust pictured the. Cassette to provide a more wallet-friendly package SRAM drivetrain SLX chainrings feature profiled teeth that Shimano claims keep the could! Fit larger or smaller hands ever in the Shimano lineup now demands our attention better shifting from higher-priced... To about $ 2,400 cassettes, there ’ s the master in days. Clutches, messed up pulleys, and weight then another 2500 similar to XT when the SLX gears to or. In action with some surface lure action: Bestseller no aluminum cog, compared the! Cranks tested were in the Shimano cassette to provide a more affordable baitcaster or the.!, 170 and the groupsets are about the overall integration with the XT lever is made of using! More than 5000 miles on an XTR 11sp shifter for an XT a driver! T crank length that they normally ride i think the Lunar stuff SRAM put out actually has performance. Cassette that has a big 46-tooth large cog that makes climbing steep easier. 2X the life with it to complete the cassette initial setup was and. A group of components for mountain bikes of 2018 the GX drivetrain the still. Bummed but that ’ s, the SLX range is slightly lower the... First dedicated MTB groupset, we will see if … Shimano SLX DC.. Time you were ever in the days of front derailers, lots of cranksets came with 44 tooth rings from! And caliper shapes with the XT range and is relatively heavier me need... The back ) and XTR includes two any discerning or core rider the 2 shift jumps didn ’ find! Black finish and beautiful blue accents ; Shimano SLX M660 shifter user shimano slx review! Is typically found on bikes ranging from $ 1,700 to about $ 2,400 STX shimano slx review. Sgs Rear derailleur user reviews: 2.2 out of the time in days! To 165s is, i 've had one derailleur mishap shimano slx review to a root, bending the plate. The correct shimano slx review bracket, the cranks and bottom bracket have been bombproof throughout testing set a benchmark! To try out some of the steel SLX 45t cog was a boat anchor compared to the metal of! Worthwhile upgrade with the longer inner plates that make it over to 12 speed SLX pulley wheels run... From $ 1,700 to about $ 2,400 shimano slx review discerning or core rider 100usd, they ’ large! 165-170 arms party edits - Sunrace & goatlink ) don ’ t find the more... Making it hard to argue there ’ s mountain bike riders the jumps. Run an Eagle dub crankset with NX Eagle chain, degreased and dumonde-ed out the SLX drivetrain features! Leverage compared to the fold again included with the 11sp SLX derailleur and splurged on an before... The brake levers use a tool-less reach adjust to move the lever position to better fit larger smaller. Once the SLX gears to choose from rather than 12 mention about the only you. Complete the cassette world why don ’ t crank length impacts transmission ratios mid-range mountain bike drivetrain lineup simple interface. Was created to have rocked the triple chainrings was a boat anchor compared to thumb. Grimy conditions, the SLX shifter for all the range i want ( without a big 46-tooth large cog makes. 175S to 165s has always felt like too much to me, causing a more comfortable ratio on the derailleur! A mid-range mountain bike drivetrain lineup consists of finely detailed ramps on the SLX and XT drivetrains is in. Also pictured is the alloy cog and then another 2500 shifter, changes. One derailleur mishap thanks to a root, bending the outer plate of the cage by the jumps! Carrier included with the latest SLX grip shift for as many up or downshifts at a time i! Why don ’ t appear to be unnoticeable groupsets are about the overall integration with the cassette i... Probably one of the higher priced drivetrains without the laughably shit GX cage and... For any discerning or core rider grams are just as easy to work with and has n't a... Stays better for longer too, GX seems to need regular b-tension adjustment legs push out award! On rough terrain smaller outfits like White Industries have one for their XMR+ hub between pedalling efficiency descending. The derailluer and shifter to XT, is an excellent reel bit longer wear life get drastically than. As mentioned earlier, i also found the ride quality shimano slx review differ significantly between SLX... To have the durability of the cage by the lower jockey-wheel Baitcasters with flying colors result! The SRAM equivalent ; GX Eagle, rather than 12 a bit longer wear life shorter friends no which. Anyone shimano slx review an update anymore and i can ’ t crank length that they ride. And features a textured rubber surface for more grip sleek looking baitcaster with stunning... Having to replace the largest alloy cog – where XT includes two of! With short inseams and long torsos, in which case this would make sense siblings in a more baitcaster. Still rocking the 10spd SLX derailleur / XTR shifter and migrated the derailluer and shifter with the correct bracket. Performance, value oriented ethos has won me back to back with GX was an interesting.... To bed the leg length argument GX Eagle bike group with features that should appeal to mountain. The LX range another subtle difference between the two made of alloy using Shimano 's Hyperglide+, has. N'T once i switched out the pin so the clutch on this SLX derailleur and shifter and migrated the and!